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one-on-one writing help for entrepreneurs


 Are you stuck trying to write social media captions and your About Me?

I get that. As a long-time writer myself, I’ve had plenty of writer’s block.

It’s one thing to be on deadline for a newspaper article. It’s another thing to want to launch your business or share your services and feel like you’re hitting a wall. YOU know what you have is awesome—and maybe if you could talk to people and explain, they’d get it.

But are they “getting it” from your About page or your social media posts??


Enid Brenize

Writer, editor, puppy mama, Air Force spouse, world traveller.

My other passion: teaching private yoga lessons to people recovering from injuries.

Favorite destination (so far): Tel Aviv or Crete

Favorite drink: Corpse Reviver no. 2

Currently Binge-Watching: Black Mirror

Always listening to: NPR, and my yoga playlists

Writing inspiration: Anthony Bourdain

writing specialties:

  • fine arts

  • yoga

  • coaching

  • alternative

  • medicine

  • artisan retail

  • food & beverage


 “I’m so full of gratitude for you. Have I told you how wonderful it is to have you helping me?”

~ Elissa Nauful, Ballywhosocial Social Media Agency owner

“Having you involved lets me breathe a HUGE
sigh of relief.”

~ Adrienne Kimberly, yoga studio owner; CodyApp teacher

“The content you’ve created for me is
truly amazing. It was exactly what I
(didn't know I) needed.”

~ Allison Barbera, makeup professional


Your personal copywriter

Enid Brenize is a published author, journalist with over 800 articles in print, and a former PR professional. Her writing appears regularly in quarterlies, magazines and newspapers, and was published in one American anthology of literature.

A former Arts & Culture editor at the largest newsweekly in Portland, Oregon—Enid knows how to write headline newspaper stories. After she was done with the news grind, Enid spent years writing PR in the Pacific Northwest before moving to Charleston, South Carolina.

She's ghostwritten books, developed apps, led courses in writing for the web, led an online writing workshop for hundreds of female entrepreneurs, and covered breaking news.


it’s time for your writing to bring in business


One client calls me her “idea doula”!

Here’s how writing sessions work.


1. I understand the voice of your brand

During a writing session with, you’ll get to explain everything you’d like about your company and work. This is about YOU and your company! I take the time to get to know your style, your goals, the type of people that you want to work with.

2. We get clear about your to-do list

From there, we’ll decide on your top 2-5 need. Is it social media posts? A new About Me? A letter to investors or influencers? We start at the top.

3. You just talk

Some people like to walk while they talk, or sit on their back porch. You can follow along with me and I write in our shared Google Doc, or you can go computer free and put yourself in a creative mode. The writing we do together comes from your words, your inspiration, your voice!

4.Get compelling & sincere copy to use right away

By the end of our first session, you’ll already have content to copy-and-paste & use right away! It could be anything from blogs to social media posts, important letters, a new About Me, descriptions of your services or products, or an article you’re going to publish.


Turn your ideas into amazing copywriting.


start writing

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