Verb is now Squarespace Circle Official and That Comes with Perks for You


We are really, really passionate about setting entrepreneurs and small business up for success! 

template example | image from  Squarespace

template example | image from Squarespace


As an entrepreneurial workers ourselves, everyone at Verb know that running a company comes with plenty of stress, tasks and troubles. And the amazing thrills and successes too, of course. Our goal is always to minimize the workload for our amazing entrepreneurs, and we also know that business owners often like complete control over their company. We would!


So, we often choose Squarespace because:

  • It has an easy-to-use back end, so entrepreneurs can manage their website themselves once we hand it off. Of course, we'll always be here to help if they need!
  • It's sleek and clean, and also has the functionality to do video, coding, template alterations, things like parallax scrolling, pop-ups and mobile optimization. 
  • There's more. Curious? Let's chat!

We are thrilled to announce that Verb is now a Squarespace Circle company.


This means we can provide you with 20% off the first payment on Website or Online Store annual plans; a full 6-moth website trail instead of just 14 days; advanced customer support in case any issues arise. 


Thank you to all the awesome entrepreneurs who've partnered with us so far! It's been a blast seeing you get out there and rock your verb.


Here's to many more successful launches, powerful branding sessions, entrepreneurial "aha" moments and kick-ass websites.

template example | photo from  Squarespace

template example | photo from Squarespace