Verb Q&A Series with Accessory Queen ♥︎ Marrin Costello


At Verb, we love to highlight creators that are out there living their verb. For this month’s Q&A, we are featuring Marrin Costello, a self-taught jeweler and boss entrepreneur.

We learned about Marrin’s:

  • love for Egyptology & the influence it has on her work

  • wide range of music taste

  • fave accessories


Marrin Costello is an American businesswoman + brand architect + entertainer + luxury consultant.  Her career as a creative began at age seven, after receiving a bead kit for Christmas. Selling her creations at local craft fairs and boutique retailers growing up, Costello's love for business and fashion was realized very early on. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Costello moved to Los Angeles to study Art History at UCLA.  

While she was in college, Costello's collection was featured on American Idol - and her business was created.  Only a decade later, a childhood hobby was transformed into a global luxury lifestyle brand - with jewelry at its core. Costello has since been recognized as a lifestyle influencer, style icon, and tastemaker — and her collections have since been featured in Vogue, Huffington Post, In Style, and US Weekly.  

While the MARRIN COSTELLO INC ® team is headquartered in Los Angeles, Costello is always on the go — traveling the globe visiting the brand's retailers, collaborating with other brands + businesses alike, and inspiring the upcoming collections.  At the center of the brand's mission is Costello's wish to help people feel like the best versions of themselves. 


“I didn’t choose jewelry; jewelry chose me.”


Where do you find inspiration (can be a current obsession)?

For me, inspiration for the collection comes nearly from every facet of my life.  From the people in my circle (who are quite fashionable, I may add…), to the architecture that surrounds our headquarters in Downtown LA, to the custom pieces created for one-on-one clients on trends, to traveling the world for the brand and referencing my ‘vintage’ Egyptology textbooks from college… I gather inspiration simply from living my fabulous life.  And I am so grateful for every second.  

What’s your favorite software/app/website to use for work?

My goodness, there are so many.  But here’s a few I (we) couldn’t live without: 

We run our business email through Google Suite and use all of its respective tools. 

For email marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), I highly recommend Hubspot.  

I also love WeekCal, as it syncs all of my calendars and events from my personal accounts with my professional emails.

And for social media, Planoly is key for organizing the MC content, starting with Instagram and then feeding into all of our other platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).  

Three Instagram (or other social network) accounts you love to follow:


My favorite accounts to follow are those that inspire me and make me feel good. There is so much noise in the social media space, and living a high-paced entrepreneurial life, I truly do my due diligence to filter my content consumption accordingly.  

@LivingWithLandyn – she seems like the sweetest, realest, kindest woman with a killer work ethic and impossibly positive attitude about life and all of its challenges.  I always feel good after watching her stories. 

@ChelseaLeifken –  quite possibly one of the funniest, most authentic, and creative humans on the planet – whom I also have the pleasure of calling my best friend.  Every time I see her Instagram account light up with a story update, I always rush to view it – and most often end up watching them at least 10 times over whilst laughing (and crying) hysterically. 

@Diddy – I cannot get enough of this man’s hustle, his love for his family, and his perspective on life. He is the GOAT and I learn a lot from what he shares on social media daily.  


Go-to soundtrack when you want to get fired up: 

There are a handful of Spotify playlists that I toggle between to get me fired up (all under the @marrincostello username, in case anyone is curious)… 

- Dance (when you want to shake your groove thang)

- Bangers (for my fellow hip-hop lovers)

- 90s-2000s (for all my Britney + TLC fans)

- Throwbacks (a mix of oldies up to the ‘80s)

- Flow (feel-good music appropriate for the work day)

- Vegas (for the obvious lol) 

In an alternate life, what would your career be? 

In a past life, I totally could have been a craftsman in the Ancient Egyptian times.  I have such a strong connection with that culture – starting at a young age in being obsessed with Cleopatra, and ended up specializing in Egyptology for my undergraduate Art History degree at UCLA – so much so that I took Hieroglyphics to fulfill my language requirement.  

I’m also so curious to see where my career takes me in the future… 

It seems like at this point, everything is blending together.  Event production – design – model – styling – acting and was recently sought after then signed by a talent agency.  I am a naturally curious, tenacious, and hard working… so the thought of any opportunity (in any respective field) that is simultaneously championed by my inner gut feeling is an automatic yes. I always lead with my gut.  If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no. 

What do you love about your industry? 

I truly feel so lucky to have found my footing in the jewelry industry.  It is such a fun product to work with and a career that is filled with so much purpose.  Whether connected to a special occasion, a gift from an important person/people in our lives, or a momentum of a particular moment in time, jewelry is one of the few tangible products in which humans imbed meaning. 

I see on a daily basis how important jewelry is to people, how it makes people feel, and how it can completely transform one’s ensemble, confidence, and mindset. 

What drives you crazy about your industry? 

One thing that fascinates me about the jewelry industry is similar to most all other products, in that an industry created mostly for women, is largely run and operated by men.  


It is a lot of blood, sweat and tears – but, for me, worth every second.

Did you know this is something you have always wanted to do? When did you realize?

I didn’t choose jewelry; jewelry chose me.  While creating accessories has been a true love of mine from a very early age, it wasn’t something that I realized could flourish into a career until I was very deep into running what once was a glorified hobby as a successful business. 

Although the Marrin Costello brand was both ‘discovered’ and formally created during my sophomore year in college, it wasn’t until 3 years post-graduation that I realized it was something that could sustain itself as a career.  I was then working at an event production company, and after the jewelry workload overtook the workload of said job, it was time to go all in, roll the dice, and attempt jewelry as a career. 

I count my lucky stars every day that *this* is what I am so grateful to call my love, my work, and my career.  

What is your personal favorite accessory (rings, necklaces, etc)? 

To be quite honest – I love it all.  Truly.  I’m a huge fan of all things sparkly and fabulous.  At the moment, I’m living for earrings (and creating #EarParties of mismatched and mixed-metal earring ensembles).  I love playing with different metals, lengths, and earring combinations.  I truly wish I had more surface area on my lobes for more piercings.  Eight is not enough! 

How did you grow your Instagram page (in the simplest way possible)?


There wasn’t an intentional strategy behind the growth.  If anything, it was more of an internal dialogue of figuring out my voice and aesthetic, which inevitably became the brand voice and aesthetic.  That combines with genuinely connecting with people via social media has led to the growth of the brand’s presence thus far on the internet.  After all, it’s meant to be social!  

What’s something about your work/industry that most people wouldn’t know?

That it is A LOT of work.  And I mean an uncountable amount of elbow grease, long nights, troubleshooting, never-ending challenges, pressure, tenacity and resilience.  

It looks so glamorous (I mean… my company literally produces a glamorous product) – however, there is so much that goes unseen when it comes to actually running, maintaining and growing the business. 


Accounting, operations, manufacturing, honoring an editorial calendar, preparing collections months in advance, the machine behind wholesaling, packaging and collateral design, creating and maintaining a team, hiring (and firing) people, managing multiple email and social media accounts (my goodness, that is a full time job in it of itself!), maintaining strong customer relations, marketing, analyzing statistics, maintaining the highest level of customer service, and the constant effort towards improving every single aspect of the brand as much as humanly possible… just to mention a few. 

It is a lot of blood, sweat and tears – but, for me, worth every second.  I feel so grateful for everything that this hobby-turned-business has brought to my life, and wouldn’t change a single thing.  


Finally, we always ask: What’s your verb?


cultivate - maintain - reflect  

My ultimate goal in life is to achieve and maintain my highest level of excellence on all facets of my life. From running a successful business to cultivating meaningful relationships with my friends and family to being present for each of life’s beautiful moments to maintaining a strong moral compass and solid perspective on life – my goal in life is to be excellent and to reflect that positivity and excitement for getting the most out of life onto others.  


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