Coming soon: V:erb Management

2018 is it!!

I've been doing this content creation thang for a while now, and it never does get old. Helping small businesses get at their goals is what gets me out of bed in the morning. We connect businesses to their communities, craft killer content for online sites, engage audiences and inspire entrepreneurs—together.

This is the year it all comes together as v:erb.

illustrator: marc johns

illustrator: marc johns

What's your verb?

That's the number one question at v:erb management. The goal is to get you, the go-getter entrepreneur, out there doing your verb. It's what you do best. Everything that v:erb does is meant to free you up to rock your verb—and to show the world how awesome you are at it. 

What does v:erb do?

We craft copy for your sites that hooks audiences in. We create powerful calls to action and content marketing that's not cheesy and needy. We draft and post social shares to draw more eyeballs to your content. And you still get complete control over your brand, content and site.

Coming Soon...

In the meantime, connect with v:erb on social 👇  drop us a love note, and keep doing your verb!

Talk soon,

Enid Spitz

v:erb founder & fempreneur