Mindfulness & Mothers - Our May Crushlist

One of our favorite creations each month is our crushlist, a curated list of people, businesses, apps, podcasts, and other crush-worthy things we’ve come across over the past few weeks and want to share. These people and businesses are out there living their VERB, and that is exactly what we love to see!

This month’s crushlist shines light on some motivating female entrepreneurs, budgeting apps and an artisan group with a fascinating story. Be sure to keep up!


Gervase Kolmos is the CEO and founder of Shiny. Happy. Human. and the creator of The Champagne Society. A Certified Mindset Coach for Mothers, she believes in "motherhood, AND" instead of "motherhood, OR" and coaches women through the process of shifting their identities post-motherhood from who they think they should be to who they are at the core. As a mother of two little girls under the age of 6, she was voted “Woman to Watch” as part of the Center for Women’s Charleston Most Influential Women contest in 2017. Her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, Best Kept Self, Charleston Moms Blog and more.


Mint App

Need to get better at budgeting? I think we all do. Luckily, the Mint App is only a download away. Mint helps you effortlessly stay on top of your bills. The app allows users to see their bills and money all in one place, get alerts about upcoming bills to pay and helps to avoid late fees. The app is also extremely secure and sends alerts if unusual activity is noticed in an account. Even financial advisors are suggesting to try Mint. Tracking finances with weekly reports and planning can help any small business manage their budget.


Shennice Cleckley

Entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs seem to always be on the hunt for the elusive work-life balance. Sadly, work-life balance is a myth that may never be achieved. The word balance indicates you will give equal time to home, business and what every else you’re seeking to add to an already busy life. Harmony, on the other hand, gives way for you to focus to parts of your life that need more attention without the guilt. These words are from Shennice Cleckley, a business strategist, children's book author and speaker who help new and aspiring entrepreneurs clarify purpose, build action plans, and grow their business.


She is also an award-winning baker whose business was featured by Google’s “Grow with Google” program highlighting how she successfully transitioned her brick and mortar bakery to a completely online business model by using YouTube and online tools.

Shennice co-hosts the entrepreneurial radio show and podcast Start Something Columbia on 100.7FM The Point. A sought after keynote and multimedia personality, she has appeared on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and CNBC including casting on the first season of CNBC’s West Texas Investors Club.

Shennice not only talks about harmony, but lives her life of various activities harmoniously. We should adopt the mentality of harmony, rather than balance.


Street Hope


Street Hope is an artisan group composed of 16 formerly homeless women, who before working with the sewing collective, begged during the day and turned to prostitution at night. Now they help create adorable felt eggs to replace the commonly used plastic eggs during Easter Egg Hunts. Check them out here.


Wearing vintage clothing is a strong fashion statement, yet is not always so easy to find.

Styles that were once considered "dated" are being brought back to life, and we are no longer letting only designers dictate what’s in style.

This clothing truck, Red Rose Vintage, is open on weekends only and located near the beaches in South Carolina, near Charleston. Founded in 2011, Red Rose Vintage has become one of the most popular mobile vintage clothing shops in the area. From slim dresses to oversized vintage tees, there is something for everyone.

”Because It's about having what no one else has.” -Red Rose Vintage