Jump into June's Crushlist with a Book for Women in Business, a Time Management App, a Great Charity & More

One of our favorite projects each month is making up our crushlist, essentially a list of people, businesses, apps, podcasts, or other crush-worthy things that we at Verb come across and think you would absolutely love. The people and businesses that we highlight are out there living their VERB everyday, and that is exactly what we love to see and share!!

This month’s crushlist will help you to think of failures as lessons, work on time-management and finances and inform you on how to get involved in a great charity, all while highlighting great people.



“First we leaned in. Now we stand up.” In “Work Party” Jaclyn Johnson, founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate, writes of multiple failures in her early career and the determination to bounce back. She documents how she “turned frustration into fuel, and heartache into hard work” and how you can do the same. This book is an an informative but entertaining read for any women (or men) in business, whether it is the beginning, middle, or towards the end of your career. Learning to turn failures into motivation and lessons is one of the most important things any business person can do — so this book would be a great, fun read.


Focus Keeper

Whether you work at home or in the office, it is extremely hard to concentrate with constant distractions. Our email, texts and socials are haunting us with notifications to respond right away and a life beyond work awaits. Our attention spans are shrinking with the virtual world always popping up and we need more discipline. That is exactly why Focus Keeper is the perfect app to keep you on track.

Focus Keeper is an app perfect for anyone, especially those who work from home. The app focuses your work into 25 minute chunks and then offers a 5 minute break. Once four productive sessions have been completed, you've earned a longer break! Customize your goals and sessions, and then track your productivity with charts.


The Dinner Table Doc

Looking for an community organization to donate your time or money to? Well here is a great one.

The Dinner Table Doc is a community organization that helps high school and college students live at their fullest potential by coming face to face with opportunity. Whether it be through media literacy workshops or self esteem building events, their target audience of middle school and high school aged women of color (ages 11-18), as well as incoming college freshmen, can benefit from these events.

Through their live dinner events and media literacy workshops, they have been able to service over 500 girls in the Brooklyn, New York area. The Dinner Table brings young wo-men of color straight to opportunity by seating them with mentors in an intimate dinner setting. In 2016, The Dinner Table was recognized by the Obama Administration's White House Council of Women and Girls as a Nominated Change agent at the United State of Women Summit.

This organization also promotes themselves as a family, using the word sisterhood. Having another support system or being part of a team is essential for the growth and well-being of young individuals, especially women. Being part of an organization such as this one promotes strength.

By giving these women an opportunity so young, they are able to grow their skills and as people, learning from their mentors and other members of the organization. It is important that young women become more comfortable in social settings and are exposed to a variety of people and things to allow them to grow into their fullest potential of themselves as an adult and have a widened view on the world.


The mission of local charity AMOR Healing Kitchen is "to provide nutritious, healthy food made with love by teen volunteers for people facing serious health challenges."

AMOR believes that food can be used as medicine and as a tool for recovery from surgery and medical treatments. They also support local farmers and focus on creating relationships within the community.

This Charleston-based charity is not only benefitting those who are facing serious health challenges and are using this food as a recovery tool or as medicinal treatment, but this charity is also really teaching something to the teens that volunteer for it. Teen volunteers have a large role in the food prep process and it is a great experience for them to get involved in a charity.

Volunteers for Teen Chefs, Adult Kitchen Mentors and Delivery Angels are always welcome. See https://www.amorhealingkitchen.org/get-involved.html for more information.


Sallie Krawcheck is the co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, a digital financial advisor specifically designed for women. The mission of the site is to close the "gender investing gap."

Krawcheck’s personal mission is to help these women reach their goals, both financially and professionally. She believes that their achievement is a ripple effect to their families, their community and the economy.

Ellevest is an awesome company to help women get where they want to be and to really make a great impact on their own lives as well as on the lives of everyone around them.