Glow Getter ♥︎ Verb Q&A Series with Mobile Spray Tanner Carly Frei


At Verb, we love to feature creators that are out there living their verb. In this month’s Q&A, we are shining a light on Carly Frei, entrepreneur of a mobile spray tanning company.

Here we talked to her about her love for both beauty and health, the confidence her products give her clients and the freedom her company allows her.


Starting from her dorm room in Charleston, South Carolina, Carly started her own mobile spray tan service, Chucktown Tan, at only 19 years old. Wheeling her cart around campus, her company soon became the most demanded spray tan service in the charming city of Charleston. In her first year of business, she completed over 300 tans.

After rebranding the company to Glow Boss, Carly opened up at over 20 schools in her first year of business. She recently packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles where she tans several celebrity clients, as well as lifestyle bloggers and other influencers. Each month she opens up at more locations and is constantly reviewing applications to find girls like her to join the team.



I love the confidence that spray tanning brings our clients, while simultaneously offering them a healthy alternative to sun tanning.


Where do you find inspiration (can be a current obsession)?

Instagram is basically where and how I run Glow Boss, so most of my time is spent on the app looking for new ideas, new girls and new inspiration! We find a lot of influencers on Instagram to promote our product and help us stay up to date with current trends in not only the tanning industry, but life.

Do you use any softwares/apps/websites for work?

For apps, I use Instagram; for payment, we use Square; for our website and bookings, we use Wix!

Three Instagram (or other social network) accounts you love to follow:



Go-to soundtrack when you want to get fired up:

I love all things Beyonce and finish!!!



Where does the name of your business come from?

Glow Boss came from the idea of allowing the women who work for us to essentially be their own boss. These ladies get to choose their own hours, do their own marketing, and basically choose their salary as they are in charge of gaining clientele. The "glow" was added in because our tans are known for being a natural yet bronzy glow. Then it all tied together!


In an alternate life, what would your career be?

Definitely something in beauty. Maybe a makeup artist. I have always been obsessed with all things beauty and health-related, so I can't imagine having gone down any other path! That's why I love spray tanning because not only is it beauty related, it's healthy for you!


How did you get into your industry?

I have always been a spray tan addict. My mom was actually the one who suggested that I open up at my school at the time, College of Charleston. We both love our spray tans and there was such a demand for it in Charleston. She and my dad bought me my first cart and I started marketing it and within my first year, I did over 300 tans.

What do you love about your industry?

I love the confidence that spray tanning brings our clients, while simultaneously offering them a healthy alternative to sun tanning. Everyone likes to be tan so it's amazing to offer our clients that same, natural tan while keeping their skin healthy and safe from sun damage.


What drives you crazy about your industry?


The stereotypes about spray tanning. Everyone thinks that spray tans are orange and/or crazy dark! Everyone is always so surprised when they are able to go out to dinner right after their appointment with Glow Boss! Spray tans are never supposed to look crazy even pre-shower. They should always be natural looking and I believe that's why so many people choose Glow Boss.

What’s something about your work/industry that most people wouldn’t know?

I think that fact that Glow Boss is strictly mobile. We don't have any studios and we only travel to our client's homes! That surprises a lot of people that we are able to run an entire spray tanning business without any actual studios. Except, I believe that that's the best part!


I notice that you travel often, do you find that your business allows you a lot of freedom at the same time?

Absolutely! My work is mainly done on my computer and phone. I have employees in Los Angeles, where I live, that cover for me when I am gone. However, I am still able to run the entire business from my computer and phone.


Did you always know this is something you wanted to do? If not, what made you realize that you wanted to take this career path, and when did you realize?

I always had a feeling I would do something with beauty or skincare! I realized that from a young age when I first opened the "Carly Spa" when I was in first grade. I have always loved being my own boss and taking control. To be able to do that with something I love, Glow Boss, I feel like the happiest and luckiest person in the world.


Finally, we always ask: What’s your verb?

Glow Getter!

Although it's technically a noun, defined as "a driven busy gal who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out."


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