New Logo In The Shop: The Strong Willow Tree


The willow tree is often seen as a strongly symbolic tree, even more symbolic than the beloved Maple or the enduring Pine. It is the Willow that we place emotion and symbolism on and often associate with femininity and healing.

We see it pop up in written works of all kinds from Othello, to the Hunger Games, to the Bible. It’s made appearances in movies, literature, television, and music and seems to be rooted in metaphor wherever it grows.

So earlier this week, when we were pondering a new logo design, we thought about the strength, significance, and spirit of the Willow.

And for those strong business owners out there whose mission focuses on empowering, healing, and embracing femininity, then we have a logo for you. We call it The Strong Willow Series and we are totally in love with the delicate lettering that coincides with strong, sturdy design.

If you feel like this logo speaks to your soul, please bounce on over to our online shop and purchase this little piece of art for your own branding. We’ll customize the logo and send it back to you within 24 hours. And because we only sell one of each, you’ll never have to worry about another business popping up with your logo on its storefront.

Get it before it’s gone and don’t forget to stand tall today!

Michelle LaFiura