At the Intersection of Weddings and Sports Broadcasting - Verb Q&A Series ♥︎ Cayleigh Hopkins

During her senior year of high school, Cayleigh Hopkins’ class was given an assignment to select a song that most encompassed their being. The song she chose was “The Wedding March.”


I actually went to college
to learn to be a sports broadcaster

Now living in South Carolina, Hopkins has built her passion project, a blog about creating beautiful events and tips for future brides, into a full-time wedding consulting firm. She launched The Petal Report in Charleston (an absolute Mecca for weddings) after years of planning weddings and events all over the country – from Brooklyn to Sonoma, Newport, Rhode Island, Miami, and even the London 2012 Olympics.

It seems this was meant to be, says Hopkins.

At Verb, we hear those words often from entrepreneurs. Whether it’s a pop-up shoppe, an analytics app, or a wedding consulting company—it was meant to be. For this iteration of our new Verb Q&A Series, we chatted with Hopkins about her “meant to be,” including how she landed there in spite of studying to become a sports reporter!

Where do you find inspiration?

Obviously social media and following fellow creatives is a great place for me to get inspiration. In addition to that, I love Pinterest as well as reading magazines. Wedding magazines, home decor books and everything in between bring me inspiration for my own social media account as well as future weddings and events.

What’s your favorite software/app/website to use for work?

Oh gosh, depends on what I am looking to do. If I am posting on the various social media accounts I manage, I love using Planoly. For color palettes, I use design-seeds to pull all of my favorite shades and hues to use for design boards. Pinterest, as I stated above, is my go to site to use for organization of ideas and inspiration.


Three Instagram (or other social network) accounts you love to follow:

Hmm...I love to follow and see what these women creatives are up to: @eastmadeeventco, @candice_lorraine, and @stitchdesignco.

Go-to soundtrack when you want to get fired up:

I love all of the pre-created playlists on Spotify but when I am looking to cruise through work, I always turn on Acoustic Hits.

In an alternate life, what would your career be?

I actually went to college to learn to be a sports broadcaster and if I wouldn't have stumbled upon my first wedding planning internship, I think I would have pursued that!

How did you get into your industry?

I did a wedding planning internship my sophomore year of college and found it was the perfect fit for me. From there, I worked with companies all of the world planning weddings and events.

What do you love about your industry?

Creativity! I love the creative energy that is in the wedding industry and how everyone supports each other. It is the best place to be!

What drives you crazy about working in weddings?

The stress level that comes with our work. Of course, it is just the nature of our career but sometimes, I could do without it.

What’s something about the wedding planning industry that most people wouldn’t know?

Probably the stress level! I would say people don't know the amount of work that goes into creating a wedding. That is, until they plan their own.

Did you always know this is something you wanted to do?

I did want to be a wedding planner when I was younger but then switched to a sports broadcaster. After my sophomore year internship, I knew that wedding planning would be for me!

Finally, we always ask: What’s your verb?


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