Crush-Worthy Faves from 2018

Every week we are excited to create a list of people, businesses, apps, podcasts, and other crush-worthy things we’ve come across over the weeks and want to share with you all! These people and businesses are out there living their VERB, and that is exactly what we love to see! This week’s crushlist is all about some of our faves from 2018!

(Images from Codeverse)


Codeverse was co-founded by Katy Lynch, who believed it was important for kids to be set up early with technical skills required to succeed in their changing world, especially growing up in this ‘digital age’.   With the technology at kids’ finger tips, Codeverse uses a language called KidScript to teach coding to children grades 1-8.  With several locations throughout Illinois, including Chicago, their classes are meticulously crafted to create the ultimate classroom coding experience for every curious child, while they also get to interact with 3D printers, lasers, robots, drones, and more!

Image from Ink Meets Paper

Image from Ink Meets Paper

Ink Meets Paper

"Text less, write more" is the motto of local paper company, Ink Meets Paper. Founded by Allison and Jamie Nadeau, this company pours their heart into their adorable greeting cards and paper goods. They even offer calligraphy classes to bring back the charm and nostalgia of the handwritten craft.


(Images from Plaine Products)

Plaine Products

There are SO many ways to make small changes to help our environment, and using less plastic is one. 

Founded by two sisters, Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine created Plaine Products with a dream to have less plastic in the world. Together, they created a line of cosmetic products, starting with shampoo and conditioner, that are sent directly to the consumers in aluminum containers. Once the product begins to run low, the consumer can order a refill. Then, when the refills arrive, the pump is switched over and the original container is sent back to the company (the cost of shipping is covered by Plaine products). Their brand has since expanded to carry many other cosmetic products in reusing packaging in hopes of creating a better environment, and a better future.



This online marketplace is all about shopping for a cause, with a mission to “lead a generation towards generosity”. They aim to spread awareness and gain funding for great causes worldwide by producing made-to-order products, such as t-shirts and hoodies, to empower people like you to celebrate the work of local artists and non-profits. Founded in 2011 by Partridge and Chavez, Sevenly is a unique way to spread your generosity, while emphasizing all people matter. 🖤