4 Things We're Crushing On This Week!

Every week we are excited to create a list of people, businesses, apps, podcasts, and other crush-worthy things we’ve come across over the weeks and want to share with you all! These people and businesses are out there living their VERB, and that is exactly what we love to see! This week’s crushlist is all about some awesome apps, a list to better your life, and a killer boss babe!

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Staying up to date is a must for entrepreneurs. Flipboard is a mobile app that gathers recent and important stories related to your field of work so you never miss a thing. With the app you can save time and stay productive without having to waste time scrolling.


The “Habits to Help You Prosper” List

Whether you’re an emerging entrepreneur, a business professional, a student or even unemployed, your habits play a large part in your success or your demise. For the majority of us, we are limited and held back by our habits, and we can’t seem to quit.  But for the lucky ones who possess a range of really good habits, success is more easily achieved. 

By: Ruben Chavez @ThinkGrowProsper



Living in today’s technology-centered business words, we come across the necessity to create new usernames and passwords for every website, app and login in that we come across. How do we begin to keep all of them straight? One app that will come in handy in 2019 is the LastPass app. This password management system creates a way to stash passwords in one secure vault. The app also makes it possible for passwords and logins to automatically sync across devices, as well as an ability to allow trusted team members to access your vault. No more resetting passwords? We can get on board with that.


Girlboss Radio

Sophia Amoruso is no stranger to failure. The female entrepreneur founded clothing line “Nasty Gal” in her 20s. The initial success of the line was followed by an eventual demise, both of which were documented in her autobiography and Netflix Show named “Girlboss.” Sophia Amoruso has rebranded and now runs Girlboss, “a media company that offers encouragement and resources” for young women.