Good things are coming ;)


This year we’re diving deep.

Verb was built on the conviction that entrepreneurs and creators are made to be out there living their verb—the thing that gets them fired up; the gift they were born to share. Too often, “the rest” gets in the way. The spreadsheets, navigating design programs, and learning scheduling softwares.

That’s why we’re rolling out a collection of free resources to support your work and growth. These are made to be time-savers for you, cutting out a lot of the researching and organizing you do…so you can have more time to “live your verb.”

You’ll also see two awesome things starting up here on the blog. 1) Our Monthly Crushlist, where we share time-saving apps, stories from successful startups, retail companies with soul, and stuff to get your mind fired up. 2) Our Verb Interview Series, where we talk with creators in all fields (think: coders to graffiti artists to CPAs).

Here’s how to get in on the good stuff

We want you in! Here’s how:

  • Sign up for our email lists. You’ll get first access to our 2019 resources, along with discount codes for things like design services, a new website, or stuff from companies we love.

  • Follow us on social. We’ll announce the release of each resource.

We cannot wait to get to work with you more this year. Seriously, this is the stuff that gets us all aflutter!

What is a “Verb VIP”?

It could be you.

You know what’s better than helpful resources delivered directly to you? Unlimited access to everything, right away, to use whenever and wherever you like. If you’d like to get access to the Verb VIPs webpage with all our resources for 2019 right now, sign up here. This sign-up will only be available until April 1. After that we’ll be releasing one resource at a time for the rest of the year, and you’ll have to wait to get each one separately.


Here’s what to expect from Verb this year:

Free resources

Fill-in Content Calendars, Blog-Writing Guides, Social Media Planners, Best Practices for Reposting Photos, and how to audit your own website.

Blogs worth reading

The Monthly Crushlist and Interview Series will connect you to companies for collaborations, resources to grow your business, and plenty of fun too.

Newsletters to share

We send our emails once a month with a roundup of everything in one place: the latest from Instagram, who made our crushlist, interview nuggets, and a monthly deal exclusively for subscribers.

We’re pretty excited for all that 2019 has to bring! You ready??

Sending good vibes,

Enid R. Brenize