4 Things We’re Crushing Hard on This Week

Every week we are excited to create a list of people, businesses, apps, podcasts, and other crush-worthy things we’ve come across over the weeks and want to share with you all! These people and businesses are out there living their VERB, and that is exactly what we love to see! This week’s crushlist is all about a sustainable brewing company, a best selling author’s podcast, a top rated business app, and a badass fempreneur!


Slack is the communication app start-up companies swear by. With no limit to how many users can be added, this instant messaging platform can organize conversations into separate or private channels. You can also send documents and other files directly in the message. No matter the business, Slack is the key to communication.

(Images left to right from www.craftbeer.com, New Belgium Brewing Co.’s Instagram)

New Belgium Brewing Co.

Founded in Fort Collins, CO, its CEO, Kim Jordan uses environmentally friendly practices in her brewery, which also happens to be the third largest craft beer maker in the U.S.! They recycle, reuse, or compost more than 75% of the waste they produce, and make bikes and a Prius available for all employees. This brewery also monitors and records all of its energy use, emissions, and waste production. What’s not to love about New Belgium Brewing Co.?!


The Tim Ferriss Show, Podcast

Have you ever read Tim Ferriss’ “The 4-Hour Work Week”? I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, especially considering entrepreneurs work endlessly for their business and the thought of a 4-hour work week is dumbfounding! But Tim Ferriss is a genius, encapsulating the lessons he’s learned from some of the greatest business minds of our generation. His podcast, The Time Ferriss Show, focuses on unique tips, tricks and tactics that we can take away and use in our daily lives!

Melyssa Griffin

After she left her old job feeling under-paid and underutilized, Melyssa Griffin started her online business of teaching entrepreneurs and bloggers how to make their passions popular and profitable!  Naturally tons of people were interested and soon after her business exploded. Since then, she’s helped over 100,000 creative and brilliant hustlers stand out! 

So, ready to learn how to grow your blog and business?! Hit her up!

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Mallory Horning