Weekly Crushlist — 4 Things We Can’t Let Go of This November

Every week we create a list of crush-worthy people, businesses, books, and tools that we’ve come across and want to share with you all! These people and businesses are out there living their VERB, and we absolutely love to see that! This week’s crushlist is all about an intuitive web design platform, a coding program for kids, and yet another badass author and artist!

(Images from Chicago Tribune)


Codeverse was co-founded by Katy Lynch, who believed it was important for kids to be set up early with technical skills required to succeed in their changing world, especially growing up in this ‘digital age’.   With the technology at kids’ finger tips, Codeverse uses a language called KidScript to teach coding to children grades 1-8.  With several locations throughout Illinois, including Chicago, their classes are meticulously crafted to create the ultimate classroom coding experience for every curious child, while they also get to interact with 3D printers, lasers, robots, drones, and more!

Their mission? To teach a billion kids to code!

Nowadays coding is as essential as math and science, so check Codeverse out on their Facebook page, or on their website

(Images from Miles Purvis)

Miles Purvis, Artist

Whether its from a La Croix can or a feature in Architectural Digest, Miles Purvis is always on the hunt for a unique color and pattern combination. The more pattern mixing, the better she says. She incorporates resin, different fabrics, wallpaper, copper, painted acrylic, and other mediums. What’s not to love?!

(Images from SquareSpace)


From websites to online stores you’ll be looking like an expert right from the start, with all you’ll need to power your online store, while reaching and growing your audience.

Okay, so Verb is a little biased when it comes to Squarespace, and rightfully so because we've worked with dozens of clients who've found this platform refreshingly straightforward and hugely functional. As a Squarespace Circle member, we have some special benefits that we get to pass on to clients, including a 6-month trail period for new sites (as opposed to 2 weeks) and 20% your first year on Squarespace when billed annually!

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(Image from @busboysandpoets’ Instagram)

Michelle Obama, Becoming

With all the buzz around her newest book, who wouldn’t be intrigued enough to read? She’s a hyperaccomplished woman who rose to fame behind her husband, but not because of him. While I’m not going to give you a summary of the book, I will tell you this is one of those rare political books with truly excellent writing. Go give it a read!

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