4 Things We're Obsessed With This Week

(Images from Canva)


So maybe creating flyers and business cards isn’t your idea of fun? We get it, but Canva is here to make it quick and easy for you and your business! Choose from hundreds of pre-made design templates. 

Not only does Canva offer free resources for small businesses’ marketing, you can also order your business cards within the site! 

(Video from Plaine Products)

Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine, Plaine Products

There are SO many ways to make small changes to help our environment, and using less plastic is one. 

Founded by two sisters, Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine created Plaine Products with a dream to have less plastic in the world. Together, they created a line of cosmetic products, starting with shampoo and conditioner, that are sent directly to the consumers in aluminum containers. Once the product begins to run low, the consumer can order a refill. Then, when the refills arrive, the pump is switched over and the original container is sent back to the company (the cost of shipping is covered by Plaine products). Their brand has since expanded to carry many other cosmetic products in reusing packaging in hopes of creating a better environment, and a better future.

(Images from Elaine Burge)

Elaine Burge, Artist

She popped up on our Instagram feed several months ago, displaying her astonishing live paintings of weddings, and we immediately fell in love.  That’s right, she comes to your wedding and paints the bride and groom in front of all the guests. How freaking cool?! 

Elaine’s been doing art for a while, but her eye for creativity in the business world makes her interesting. Her abstract portraits and landscape paintings sell themselves, but the warm southern charm that exudes from her work produces happiness.

Go give her a follow on Instagram and see what we mean.  Every time her art pops up on your feed, you’ll smile. 

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Busy Philipps, This Will Only Hurt A Little

It’s Non-Fiction November, so I’ve started to read “This Will Only Hurt a Little” by Busy Philipps.  Granted I’m not quite finished, but I am loving how conversational and honest this book is so far.  Being a previous Busy Philipps fan, partly from Dawson’s Creek and partly from White Chicks (a guilty pleasure for another time), I encourage her boisterous attitude. 

And Busy on social media — she does not hold back. And we love her for it! 

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