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web + graphic design | blog management | content marketing


what we do


Web + Graphic Design

Introduce your real self.

What do people see when they meet your brand? You want it to be true, nail your vibe and entice clients to lean in.

From logo design and business cards to full-package branding and website builds—V:erb helps companies and individuals nail their look.

Blog management

You know you want to.

Blogs are one of the best ways to increase engagement, grow your audience, become a recognized voice and get found on search engines like Google. But, we know...it takes so much time. 

V:erb manages blogs for small businesses and organizations so their leaders can be busy doing the work they love.

Content Marketing

Stories matter.

Marketing means more than a pretty ad. It means telling your brand or company story. It means creating content that draws people in and makes them want to stick with you.

Using influencer spotlights, blogs, newsletters, published articles and branded content—v:erb crafts killer content that gets your story seen.

Social Media

Get engaged.

Tweet. Post. Gram. DM. PM. Snap. Whatever your social verb, the important part is the social aspect. Get your work "out there" so the world can see how important it is.

V:erb creates social content (& we'll even post it for you) that's on-brand, engages your community, and lets you relax about Twitter for a sec, right?


why blog?

marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not.

Websites with a blog earn 434% more indexed pages.

Companies that blog regularly get almost 3.5X more traffic

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copy & content

It's about the conversation you have with your customers and community.

Copy and content engage your world. V:erb creates online destinations with amazing content that's useful, in demand, and dependable. Like sparkling conversation, this is what makes people stick around.


Content marketing leaders get 7.8 times more
site traffic
than non-leaders

"improved productivity means less sweat, not more"

~ Henry Ford



So you're the DIY type? Check out v:erb's free resources for businesses and writers:

  • content calendars
  • blog planning sheets
  • writing checklists
  • "Creating Killer Content" writing guide

Get writing; get engaged; get connected.


let's make a plan

coffee. email. snail mail?

Let's get you connected to more clients & freed up to do what you do best.